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04 Holistic Counselling and EMI Facilitator

For those rough patches in life:






or maybe you just want to be heard.


I provide a safe and strictly confidential sanctuary and use a Psychophonetic approach to Psychotherapy as used by Rudolf Steiner.


This combines body awareness, movement and visualisation with gestures and sounds. Depending on your needs, artistic expression in the form of sand, clay or watercolour/crayon work may also be used.


Emotional Mind Integration for resolution of individual issues like: stress, fear, loss & trauma, disconnected, confidence, self esteem, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, motivation, separation, body aches & pain, illness and smoking.


By dropping into a relaxation response with EMI, the body and mind are given a chance to release the ongoing build up of tension and therefore balance the nervous system. It’s self healing and clears neural pathways and re establishes new ones.


Adv dip holistic counseling

Cert. Emotional Mind Integration Facilitator

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